E.5.1. Emberá Tribe Overnight


The experience includes nature walks and exploration of their communities and enviornments, with road transportation and boatride.
The overnight stay is in the rainforrest and offers the visitors organic arts and crafts, cultural and general presentation with Q&A, their legends and history.

If more than 2 guests, please list how many after 3rd guest (+$165.00) x traveler each night.

Enter 1 for one way and 2 for roundtrip and inform the concierge you expect us and tell us your room number please

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Emberá Tribe, where the residents will welcome you to eXperience one or two nights in their community, they will share cultural presentations, crafts, dance, the beauty of their people and environment, you can swim under a Waterfall in the rainforrest.

Dress Code: Wear shoes that can get wet or water shoes, take bathing suit in a day pack and bring your towel. 

Inclusions 1 night: 4 meals, transportation, visit to the waterfall and a hike in a nature trail.

Inclusions 2 nights: 7 meals, transportation, visit to the waterfall and a tour.


  • $380.00 x 1 or 2 guests or individual for One (“1”) night and after the 3rd guest +$165.00 x person x night.
  • $490.00 total for 1 or 2 guests for two (“2”) nights (two guests minimum, but if one guest wants to go alone he must pay full price) and after the 3rd guest +$165.00 x person x night.

Additional information

Number of nights

One night for 1 or 2 guests, Two nights for 1 or 2 guests


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